HEPA stands for Health-Enhancing Physical Activity

What is it about?
Physical activity, including regular exercise and sporting activity, is the best way of staying physically and mentally fit, helps to tackle weight and obesity issues, and plays an important part in preventing or reducing the impact of many other health-related conditions.

Apart from the individual health benefits, there is evidence on the positive direct and indirect economic effects of participation in sport and physical activity.

Why is it needed?
Research shows that too many people across Europe are not physically active enough. This has a serious impact on general health, the frequency of preventable diseases, and the number of premature deaths.

These, in turn, have considerable social and economic costs. While the promotion of health-enhancing physical activity (HEPA) is primarily the responsibility of EU Member States, the Commission is able to support, coordinate and complement national actions.

HEPA and minifootball
The European Minifootball Federation (EMF) together with the Erasmus+ program see the value and importance of minifootball as a tool for increasing HEPA in communities across Europe. Minifootball, enables different populations and age groups to engage in sports activities and supports social inclusion and The motto of EMF is You Play. Both EMF and the European Commission believe in sports-for-all, for men and women in all age groups and all communities, for anyone who would look to be physically active and become part of a team.

the Mini4EU Minifootball Cities Festival, will enable minifootball to grow as a popular sport all across Europe. To learn more about HEPA click here.